What causes burning eyes!? Been tested for all eye disorders an was normal, muscles in scalp also sore and tight?

A few possibilities. This could be due to allergies, dry eyes, or eye infections. All can start or affect 1 eye first. The treatments are very different. For allergies, zaditor (ketotifen) is a good otc eye medicine. For dry eyes, lubricating tears are necessary. For infection, usually of the eyelids, start with eyelid warm compress and diluted baby shampoo scrubs. You should have a baseline exam with your eye doctor.
Dry eyes! Burning is a classic symptom for dry eyes. I would try preservative free artificial tears one drop 4-6 times a day for every day for at least a month. You can also take oral omega 3's such as evoa dry eye supplements or thera tears nutrition. See your eye md, there are plugs and medicated drops that may help once you have tried the above. For the scalp, it could be stress, or need for glasses.