65 yr fem, herniated disc of lumbar MRI show mild disc bulge from L1-L2 to L4-L5, slight degen. Grade 1 retrolisthesis. Had 1 month therapy. Osteoporosis. I have severe back and left side pain. What next? Acupuncture? Pain mngmt? Shot in back?

Pain. First question - were any of these MRI findings believed to be the cause of the back and left side pain? Has an orthopedic surgeon been consulted? If not, recommend that. Depending on his/her findings - there may be a number of treatment options. Acupuncture won't fix the actual intervertebral disc problems but it can often reduce inflammation in the surrounding area & improve range of motion,
Herniated disc. Please have your doctor refer you to an Orthopedic surgeon. He/she will decide what might be necessary and what might not. Please keep me posted.