Hi! Can chlorine in water decrease the burning of fat inyour body?

No effect. There is no science-based rationale for chlorine having any effect on weight loss or burning fat.
No. I wish they were all this easy to answer! there is a movement to frighten people about the small amounts of chlorine in water in order to sell big-ticket devices to remove it. The enzymes that burn fat are so central to your body, chlorine interacts so weakly with them, & chlorination is so heavily scrutinized by real scientists, that i'd dismiss your concerns out of hand.
Not yet verified. Chlorine is a needed ion by our body which is involved in many processes. There have been a few papers that have shown chloride replacing iodine in our body and causing hypothyroidism, that may reduce the metabolism of your body. This research is not conclusive as of yet and their is no recommendation to stop drinking chlorinated water. Please consult your doctor for further information.