I had a baby and breast fed but my left nipple is lighter in some places I also have a tumor in that breast, what is going on?

Breast surgeon. I assume you've had the tumor evaluated. If not you need to see a breast specialist.
Unclear. What do you mean by "tumor in the breast"? It could be a lumpy breast related to breastfeeding, a cyst, a benign growth such as a fibroadenoma or less likely breast cancer. Have the breast lump checked by your doctor. You are probably too young to have had a screening mammogram but may need one now. While you are at your doctors, ask about pap smear and vaccination for your newborn.

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I'm 21 and I've just noticed today that when I squeeze my left nipple green pusy stuff came out. I had a baby 3 years ago and breast fed for first month?

Needs an exam . After you have a child it is pretty normal to be able to express liquid from your breast. If you are concerned though you will need to schedule a visit to have an examination done. Read more...