I need a primary care physician?

PCP??? You live in State of Washington. Univ. of Wash. Is ranked as the top program in Family Medicine in the U.S. Call the Department and ask for a recommendation for a doc in your part of the state.

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Hi Doctor Berkowitz, I am in desperate need of your help. My anxiety is crippling me. It has gotten so terrible that I've quit my 3 jobs and I quit school. I need help! My primary care physician is currently prescribing me Clonazapem because I have been

Klonopin (clonazepam) works for. short-term symptoms, unless taken regularly throughout the day, in which case there is the risk of dependence. I would also look for other, underlying causes (allergies, diet, side effects from meds..) AND seek out a psychotherapist. Here's a reference in the meantime: http://www.psychologyproductsandservices.com/page2.html. Read more...

I need refills on my medications. Do I need to visit my primary care physician or can those be refilled by Healthtap?

Try HealthTap PRIME. PRIME doctors see and treat you via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can send images or photos during a live PRIME consultation. PRIME can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and patients just have a monthly subscription fee. Fees are the SAME, regardless of whether or not the doctor prescribes a medication or refill. Certain drugs (such as narcotics, Viagra, (sildenafil) etc.) are not prescribed online. Read more...