Hi dr. Just now my BP is 132/82 and pulse is 112! I'm under medication for BP, diabetics, cholesterol. I'm feeling very weak and hipalpitation is there?

?unclear; Greatly ↑. your understanding&Tx efficacy. Crucial to ?ing DM is food choices (study http://goo.gl/JH8XBX & my many answers on HT), meds 2nd helpers at best, https://goo.gl/mYl55p the best, start with 3 clicks Victoza, (liraglutide) work up & then switch to once weekly agents. Cholesterol wrong issue, correct is NMR Lipoprotein, code C944 @ http://goo.gl/7opkCs by https://goo.gl/Pqh6vp. Choose Med Tx on issues/not symptom.