If patient had total colectomy with Ileostomy placement, can they have a surgical procedure involving ileum to sigmoid/left colon several yrs later.

YES. if one performs a left colectomy, even extending the dissection below peritoneal reflection, as long as there is a rectal stump, 1-2 cm above the levators, proximal bowel can be reanastomosed. One can creates a pouch from the proximal bowel to make anastomosis easier and have the pouch act as a partial reservoir for the liquid feces in the ileum that will be used for anastomosis.

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I had a Subtotal Colectomy with Ileostomy placement in 2001 in which ALL of my Large Intestine and most of my Small were removed. This year 13yrs later, after being told I was a candidate for an Ileostomy Reversal surgery during a Consultation visit with

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I have a temporary ileostomy from a total colectomy, how common are hematomas and infections or other problems in the reversal surgery site?

Ileostomy reversal. Although it varies slightly depending on exactly what kind of reversal will be done, surgical complications such as infection and hematoma are rather unusual these days. If you follow your surgeon's advice, they are unlikely to happen. If you have any problems after the surgery, be sure to contact the surgeon promptly. Good luck. Read more...