How prevalent is seasonal affective disorder? What are the criteria for a SAD diagnosis? Is it treatable in some cases w/out antidepressants?

SAD. SAD symptoms occur with change in season (often fall and winter) & can include carbohydrate craving, increased appetite with weight gain, low energy level, irritability, moodiness, sleeping more, heavy feeling in extremities, being overly sensitive to rejection and it can impact relationships. It is often treated withot use of antidepressants. In the US – 1 to 10% of adults experience SAD but.
Info. Now considered a type of depression rather than unique - prevalence varies by region (N vs S) and quite often treatment is not medicine but CBT therapy/life style changes. Read: http://www. Apa. Org/news/press/releases/2013/02/seasonal-disorder. Aspx Best!