I'm really sturugling with dieabeties 1 any advice?

Agree w/ Dr Young. Type 1 can be really hard to manage, because it's mostly you doing it all, guided by your endocrinology team. But bc you're te one making decisions about food, insulin, and activity, you really understanding the disease is key to good control. The diabetes educator can be one of the most impt members of that team.
Find support . A certified diabetes educator and an endocrinology should be part of your health care team. Also there are diabetes support groups. Your endo or cde may be able to give you that info.
Attitude/persistance. First, accept your disease. You didn't ask for it but you will have to live with it. Next, meditate on a good attitude. You will need it. Next, establish yourself with a good diabetologist (endocrinologist) who you have a good relationship with nad you trust each other. Do everything the doc says to the very best of your ability. You may need a counsellor. Depression is rampant in dm-i.