After radiation therapy for anal cancer, I am having ED problems. Is there any therapies that can be done for ed. Viagra (sildenafil) ect do not help.?

Options. There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Oral medications (called pde-5 inhibitors) are first line therapy. If those fail (and some men respond to different oral meds so trying others is not a bad idea), the next line of therapies include vacuum erection devices, urethral suppository, injection therapy. Lastly, implantation of penile prosthesis is recommended for some men.
Other meds, implants. Ed can have many causes, only some relieded with medication. Speak to a urologist with the full array of options from pumps to penile implants and injections, .
ED after Anal Cancer. That is something to talk to your urologist about. There are several options that can be employed. Vaccuum assist devices, injections, or penile implants are all options, but give yourself some time to recover from your therapy before you worry too much.
See Urologist. Erectile dysfunction after radiation therapy to the pelvis is unfortunately very common. It is believed that damage to the blood vessels that supply the nerves to the penis is the cause of this. There are a number of things that a urologist can do, both medical and surgical, that may help you out. Please ask your radiation doctor to refer you to a good urologist that specializes in ed.

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Is it possible for anal cancer to recur even after radiation therapy?

Yes. Nothing in life is 100%. Anal cancer is often treated successfully with chemotherapy and radiation. There remains some risk that the cancer can come back. Read more...
Yes. Anal cancer is treated with radiation and combined chemotherapy for stage 1 to3. Even the best stage cure is 90 percent not 100 percent. So patients are watched and if they recur locally they are salvaged by surgery. Read more...