Art around what age do the obvious symptoms of cystic fibrosis set in? I'm worried of the disease although I played football for 5 years since 7th gra

CF worry. Hi KennethH, typically CF is diagnosed in infants and children. However, about 7% of cases can present in adulthood. These tend to be less of the typical disease and more likely to develop diabetes, GI symptoms, and even infertility. Adults are more likely to have normal pancreatic function, unusual genetic mutations and equivocal sweat chloride tests. If you are worried, talk to your doctor.
GET TESTED. If you have grown normally to age 17 with no serious digestive or pulmonary issues,it is unlikely you could have this disease. If you are obsessed with the diagnosis, have testing done. They can test your blood and see if you are normal,an unaffected carrier or a variation of CF by analyzing your genes.Carriers don't get sick.If the gene test is negative you don't have it.
Variable. There are many different presentations, and sometimes adults are diagnosed. Typically there will be a history of pulmonary, sinus infections and GI problems.