Worried about pancreatic cancer. Ct scan normal, blood and stool & us normal. Symptoms started almost a yr ago. If it was cancer, would I be worse by now?

Worry. It seems that worry is the big culprit for you. If your tests do not indicate cancer, then in all probability you're fine. But you should get regular tests to ease your mind. Then you're doing the best you can do, and settling worry is also important to your health. Too much worry can impair your immune system, so practice dropping worries and see a supportive therapist.
No. Pancreatic cancer is rare and often asymptomatic until it has advanced significantly. Symptoms are vague and nonspecific unfortunately. It is unlikely you have it.
Why this worry? I don't have enough info from you to know why pancreatic cancer is your specific worry. If you have troublesome symptoms, no matter what the cause, you want either relief or at least an answer you can live with without worry if possible.
Isn't cancer. Yes, pancreatic cancer would have progressed by now. But what worries me more is that you are still concerned bout this after all those tests and work-up were normal. Seems like there is something more under it all that is bothering you. Might be best to talk to a professional about your fears and anxieties before they overtake your lifestyle.
You would be dead! Survival for pancreatic cancer is about a year, even with treatment. With a normal ct scan-it should not be a worry, unless one developed since then. My sister-in-law survived pancreatic ca, because it was inadvertently disovered on a ct done for other reasons. It is asymptomatic early, until it metastisizes .
Yes. Frankly, if you had untreated pancreatic cancer for over a year, you probably would be dead.

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Floaters are fine. The usual reason for a bowel movement floating is extra trapped gas; this varies with diet, gum-chewing, roughage, how much you talked & swallowed your saliva. When due to fat malabsorption (a much less common explanation) the person is clearly sick; if due to pancreatic cancer you'd be jaundiced. Any further concerns are best discussed with your physician. Read more...