My 8 year old daughter has molluscum contagous, and won't stop scratching it, it keeps spreading and looks red an infected what can I do?

See Dermatologist. There are many treatments for the pesky viral induced sking conditon. If left alone, they will often disappear (just like warts). Otherwise they can be expressed like a black head, frozen, burned or chemically treated. Perhaps they can even be injected. If the child is continiuing to scratch and irritate the lesions, they may spread and get infected. Appears it is time to treat and rid them.
Virus dermatitis. Pop every lesion like pimples and something comes out it will dry or heal later.
Molluscum. Molluscumrx is otc and very effective. A doctor will use canthacur which causes blisters or liquid nitrogen which is painful. Get molluscumrx and treat as soon as possible as molluscum can continue to spread for 5 years.
See your own doctor. Before trying to get an appointment with a dermatologist, which can be very difficult depending on where you live, you should make an appointment with your child's doctor. Most primary care doctors can treat common rashes and generally speaking, they can see you faster than a dermatologist can. If the rash is something they don't feel comfortable treating, you can then be referred by them.
See your doctor. There are multiple treatments for molluscum available. Most often they will resolve on their own but if they keep spreading, i would recommend an evaluation by your doctor to discuss possible treatments to help them resolve faster.