Have enlarged spleen and liver. Could I get some treatment?

Hepato-splenomegaly. Hi Keith: an enlarged liver and spleen (also called, hepatosplenomegaly) has many potential causes. Broadly: infections and cancers. For someone in India, a few possibilities that must be considered include TB and malaria - there are other infections too. For malignancies, evaluations for lymphoma's and leukemia's. She must seek care as soon as possible.
Enlarged liver and s. Treatment is based on the cause of the enlargement. It could be from, infection, cirrhosis, cancer etc. Have yourself evaluated and find out the treatment options available.

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I get sharp pain in left, upper abdomen and back followed by days of fatigue and dizziness. Many tests (incl. Hemo) show only enlarged spleen. Ideas?

This is something. You and your doctor to take is seriously . I do not know what tests you have so far , but i will encourage to keep your doctor informed about your situation . I believe your doctor would consider evaluating your kidney, pancreas and look for any problem in your left side of the colon and many others . In general , your condition is something that you need to work closely with your doctors. Good luck. Read more...