Is saliva from a hiv + person that gets in eye a risk if they also have gum disease (? blood)? My client accidentally spits and it gets in mouth/eyes

Low risk, but... Saliva inactivates HIV and not known to transmit it, even when blood is also present. Your risk is exceedingly low, zero for practical purposes. Still, it sounds like maybe you're a dental hygienist or similar. If so, you're supposed to take routine precautions against such exposures, like glasses or goggles--not so much to protect against HIV, but other blood borne viruses, colds, influenza, etc.
Get tested, wear ppg. Your client is HIV + and splits which is unfortunate. You would be best served to wear personal protected gear which would include side shields on your glasses. The presents of blood from periodontal disease, gum disease, puts you at higher risk. It would be prudent to get tested for HIV.