I have a sore glans penis. Also have testicular pains, urinate a lot and have a pain in my lower back. I have had two urinary infections in 6months.

Prostatitis likely. Your symptoms fit the profile of prostatitis. When the prostate swells from urine entering the gland during urination it triggers irritation to bladder. Urgency/frequency of urination and a variable stream are the norm. Pain typically involves the tip of the penis, groins, testicles, low back and perineum. Treatment with antibiotics, nsaids, prostate relaxation and bladder calming meds fix it.
See a urologist. If the penile and testicular pains are present without associated swelling or rash, then you should have your doctor evaluate you in order to rule out prostatitis. Nonetheless a visit to a urologist would be helpful in sorting this out.