My big top my toe hurt. It have green and mark and blue mark. It hurt to bend down. It hurt to walk on it. What should I do? What wrong with my toe?

It's not toe late. You've injured it somehow. The color is probably from bruising. Because you have damaged the toe, it may be difficult to move it. If it is not swollen, there's probably no severe damage. To remove all doubt, you might want to have it x-rayed. Since you did not say when this started, it is difficult to advise you to do anything else.
Hurt toe. The way you deal with a toe that is hurting like that is to get some tape and tape the "bad" toe to the immediately adjacent good toe. It is called a "buddy wrap". And don't be such a klutz next time!
Did you injure it? why is it black and blue? I would have it x-rayed if you did injure it..