Is it possible to have primary or secondary aldosteronism with normal blood pressure? My K levels have been declining over the years; current lvl=3.2

Normal BP and PA. 24 F with aldosteronism. Unless you were born with HTN then as aldo increases your BP will increase. But if your normal BP has been say 90/60 and it goes up 30 points then your BP may be high for your but not High for everyone. Recommend you join my Yahoo group for folks like you. We have over 1,000. It is caused hyperaldosteonism. Or consult with me for second opinion. That is all I do.
Possible. The main symptoms with Aldosteronism is from potassium loss and resultant deficiency of this critical mineral, with muscle weakness. The blood pressure changes are observed later in the course of disease mainly with orthostatic hypotension. Feel good??