First few days of my period the flow is so heavy that its hard for me to get out of home My period used to b irregular nw its not is it normal? Age 24

Heavy menstruation. This is a common problem, and there can be multiple causes. You really need to be seen by a gynecologist for a full evaluation including a pelvic exam and blood tests. You could have a hormone problem causing the heavy flow. Also, there could be a problem in your uterus. Finally, you need to have your blood checked to make sure you are not very anemic, as a very low blood count can be dangerous.
May be. If your periods used to be irregular but now are regular, that is great and is more normal but if they are so heavy that you can't leave home, while it may be normal, it isn't good. There are many options these days to make periods lighter including just starting an NSAID a day or two before your period is due. See your PCP or GYN for your options and to choose what is best for you.Hope this helps.