Had protected sex with a sex worker 23 days ago. Should I be worried about the possibility of catching hiv/aids? The condom didnt break or anything. Also what are the chances of acquiring herpes if she didn't have an outbreak at the time.

Herpes. Herpes can be transmitted even without an outbreak at the time of exposure. Wearing of a condom should protect you against genital herpes and other STD's that are transmitted via vaginal sex but,of course, not when you perform oral sex.
STD transmission??? Low chance but... There have been articles in the NEJM for years about the transmission of herpesvirus before either partner complained of symptoms. Also condoms can break and they can slip off in the heat of the moment, to coin a phrase. The mantra of the 60's with respect to drugs was "Know your supplier"; With respect to sex it should be "Know your partner", hard when she's a sex worker!
Protected sex. If you used protection during sex, it is unlikely that you can contract AIDS or herpes.