Hi I have had a sore throat for 1 day and this morning I awoke with a sensation of tightness in my lower thoat when breathing in.?

Several possibilitie. Sounds like you're worried about infection.. Possible, especially if you have fever. Swollen red spots it tissue in back of throat could be infection. Also acid reflux from stomach could produce similar symptoms w/out fever. If it's the latter expect more frequent symptoms. There is relatively goo d treatments for this problem--and treatment is good idea to prevent complications,
Persistance of infec. This is most likely ongoing infection but you need to see your physician since you are having lower throat tightness with breathing.

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Is abuterol safe to give with this type of Mucinex medicine? Will breathing treatments be beneficial at this point? Treating my daughter with mucinex- cough, cold & sore throat medicine since yesterday (2/17/12). Her cough was tight and is now breaking-up

Number . Number one question one must ask is what is your daughter`s diagnosis. If she has asthma she needs to be on maintenance medication instead of just albuterol ( albuterol is considered a rescue medication in inhaler or nebulizer form and is not a substitute for controller medication). Mucinex (guaifenesin) may or may not help depending on underlying reasons for her cough, exacerbating/aggravating factors for her cough and underlying diagnosis. Read more...