I'm 32 yr male my cbc test result is lymp 41, MCV 76.5, MCH 25, RBC 5.95, RDW 15.4 rest values are in normal range. Any thing serious??

Focus on Important v. You need to focus on important values which are Hemoglobin(Hb) instead of RBC count and give us your WBC count instead of lymph count and platelet counts. Rest is not important unless the 3 values I have asked you to focus on are high or low(abnormal) which is not the case with you. So your blood test results are fine.
Looks normal. if the tests were done as part of routine work up, they are within normal limits, except for slightly higher RBC count. Many people have higher RBC numbers so it is important to compare with previous numbers, if available to see if they have changed or repeat in 6-12 months.