Could having hashimoto's disease cause a person's thyroid gland to shrink in size?

Yes, but often enlar. The autoimmune process in hashimoto's thyroiditis can cause shrinking, but often involves enlargement of the thyroid gland, especially in the early phase of the disorder. You should see an endocrinologist for any change in thyroid size.

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With hashimoto's disease how long does it take for the thyroid gland to get better?

With Medication. Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune destruction of the thyroid gland (painless). Lymphocytes enter the gland to cause inflammation and scarring. The damage is usually permanent. Fortunately, with the availability of thyroid hormone replacement, levothyroxine, it is a very easy condition to manage- 1 pill daily. It can take weeks to feel better after starting medicine, but it works! Read more...