Hi there need help with this haven't been on plane for 13 years because I get worried about the doors shutting and can't get of plus worry if get sick?

No quick fix. There is no quick fix that would guarantee that you won't have this uncomfortable anxiety which might lead to you having some physical symptoms. There are some therapeutic techniques & exercises that a therapist might be able to show you which can be helpful. An anti-anxiety treanquilizer could reduce and possibly eliminate the symptoms. Traveling with someone can be a good idea.
Plane phobia. Recommend you see a Psychologist expert in EMDR Therapy. This type of therapy is extremely effective for treating phobias. there are EMDR trained therapists world-wide. Check www.emdria.org for your nearest provider.
Sounds like a phobia. of enclosed places (claustrophobia), probably along with other smaller variants of phobia (social, agora, hypochondriasis are faintly suggested here..). Find a psychologist after consulting with your MD for possible meds. Here's a beginning reference on anxiety: http://www.psychologyproductsandservices.com/page2.html.