Hi Dr. I always brush, Floss my teeth and I still have bad breath. Can you please tell me what medication could help me? This Coz me have a low self esteem.

Determine Cause. Brushing alone may not be the answer. Cavities, periodontal problems, acid reflux, diet, and sinus infections can all contribute to halitosis. Please call your dentist for an examination and take it from there.
Medical causes. of bad breath include sinus infection as well as helicobacter pylori infection. Tonsil infection or tonsillar crypts can also be responsible as can some medications or foods. I recommend you see your doctor for an exam and possible lab testing based on the history and exam. You are to be commended for your attention to dental health and by doing so you are eliminating one possibility.
Bad breath. Many possible causes, and taking pills often not the proper treatment. Important: See both Dentist and Physician to be evaluated for oral hygiene effectiveness, infected tonsils and/or sinuses, Gerd, interdental food impaction, diabetes, dietary choices or changes, affects of meds/OTCs/minerals/supplements, tongue coating, gum disease, dental abscess, bleeding, and other causes.
Tongue. Halitosis, or bad breath, may be caused by food remnants that may be left on the tongue. Consider brushing your tongue and using mouth wash regularly. If this problem persists, visit your dentist to help you determine the underlying cause.
See Dentist. There may be dental or periodontal problems contributing to bad breath. See your dentist for exam.