My left testicle been hurting also my left leg?

Testis pain = see Dr. Testicle pain means a trip to the doctor right away because the testicle's blood supply can be twisted off (called torsion). When that happens, the testicle can die. Other causes of testicle pain include trauma, infection, twisting off an appendix of a testicle (a small lump next to a testicle), etc... Since one usually cannot tell if his testicle is twisted, an exam by the doctor is needed.

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Left testicle/left inner base of penis hurts when lifting left leg? Started randomly about 6 hours ago, no other symptoms.

Here are some... The context in this Q suggests these pains are their first time for you & appears physically related. If so, you may wait, watch, & see as long as getting better slowly. Meanwhile, continue to watch & record potential future similar event so to best possibly define the involved causality. How to put all related things together correctly? Go to Best... Read more...