Been having problems lately I brush floss and scrape tongue and five minutes later still have bad breath I'm 244 pounds what can it comes from and how to freshen it I use mouthwash at times for embarrassing foul odor but still smells bad?

See DDS first. When was the last time a dentist did a through checkup including x-rays and a cleaning? The dentist will ascertain whether you have underlying gum disease or caries. If nothing of dental etiology is evident, you may be referred to your MD for further evaluation.
Bad breath from? See the following for possible causes: Then first see your own dentist to be evaluated. He/she may refer you to physician if appropriate.
Periodontal disease. There are many potential causes of chronic bad breath, but periodontal (gum) disease is among the most common. Other symptoms include loose teeth, gums bleeding easily, signs of infection, and inflammation or unusual color of the gums. If not treated, it can lead to tooth loss and possibly increase your risk of some medical problems. You should schedule an evaluation with your dentist soon.
Halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by many different factors, including sinus infections, periodontal problems, smoking, cavities, acid reflux, and your diet. Address all of these possibilities with your dentist and physician, and I'm confident that your problem will at least be minimized, and hopefully eradicated.
See your dentist. Cause of halitosis are: food left in the mouth, Gum disease, Dry mouth , Smoking and tobacco, Medical conditions like Sinus infections bronchitis, diabetes, some liver and kidney diseases, Acid reflux. Get your teeth cleaned and checked for gum disease and start with your dentist for a diagnosis.
Sulfer. Most bad breath is from suffer producing bacteria. Sometimes there are other causes such as medications, infections, food/vitamin/ mineral/supplement choices. Start with your Dentist. Regular cleanings are essential. Review your Oral Hygiene with your Dentist. Dentist may feel referral to your Physician for additional examination/tests are in order.
See Dentist. See dentist for exam to determine if other organic causes of bad breath.
GI Source? The source of your bad breath could very well be a GI issue, but you didn't mention when your last professional dental cleaning took place. There may be hard caked on debris ( tarter) which is calcified bacterial colonies. You efforts alone won't remove them! Try your dentist first and if there is no improvement go see your medical doctor! Good luck!
Professional Cleanin. Have you had your teeth cleaned and your gums examined at a dentist's office lately? It is possible that you have some form of gum disease. Additionally, are you taking medication? Some medications may dry your mouth causing bad breath.
Halitosis. Yaasmeen; Besides local oral factors that could effect bad breath; like poor home care, chronic gum problems or gross tooth-decay- your medications maybe the problem. Oral bad breath may result as a side effect of treatment for yeast infections. Consult with MD who prescribed Flagyl and Terconazole; Curing the vaginal infection may also eliminate the bad breath.
Halitosis. Can come from further back in the mouth, throat and airway. Have doctor check tonsils, throat, stomach, lungs, sinuses, etc.
Source of odors. 3 sources of mouth pain: Descending from the sinuses, post nasal dripping. Ascending, stomach gasses and acid reflux, or oral. Is there any periodontal issues (untreated pocketing) that could be beyond the reach of your oral care regiment? could also be from behind where you can reach with the tongue scraper. Get the other factors checked out. May want to use probiotics.
Schedule check up. You should schedule appointment with your dentist for Comprehensive Evaluation and X rays.
Bad breath. The causes of chronic bad breath include untreated decay, gum disease, coated tongue, acid reflux, oral fungal infection, infected tonsils, stomach issues, diet, smoking. See a dentist to determine if the problem is dental related. If not, then you need to check with your medical doctor.
Bad breath. There are several reasons for bad breath. First step is to have a thorough dental examination to rule out any cavities or gum disease.
Gum Disease. You appear to have gum or periodontal disease and need a professional cleaning. You may have a more involved infection and thus you should see a dentist immediately.
Consult time. bad breath can come from your mouth, stomach, sinus. So you must start to find the cause by seeing different doctors. Start with your dentist and periodontist who will check for any areas of tooth decay. A periodontist will see if there is any gum or periodontal disease causing you bad breath The other causes will need an ENT or a GI doctor to evaluate you.
Bad breath. when was the last time you saw a dentist and had your teeth cleaned? Untreated periodontal disease, tooth decay and oral infections are the primary causes of bad breath but there are also some medical conditions such as sinus, allergies, post nasal drip, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and others that can do this. If your mouth is healthy then your dentist would refer you to an MD.
Halimeter Test. In the majority of cases, the cause of bad breath or halitosis, poor dental hygiene or may be a sign of other serious health problems. See your dentist for Halimeter test and bad breath treatment that depends on its cause.