Is it okay to NOT mention smoking weed to your anesthesiologist before getting wisdom teeth removed? A lot of people said they smoked the day of it and I havent smoked in 2 weeks so is that okay?

Not recommended. it is safest for them to know everything you are taking or have taken recently. they are obligated to keep that information confidential. if you havent used marijuana in 2 weeks before the procedure, it is unlikely that it will directly affect how they manage your case, but the more information your doctor has about you the better.
Not a good idea. It is very important for doctors to know what medications and substances you take or have taken. There is no reason to worry, doctors can't tell anyone about it so disclosing any and all relevant information is in your best interest.
What are you hiding? That's information that may be extremely important as to your pending anesthesia. As a general rule please report all medications (legal or not), vitamins, supplements, etc. to any and all doctors involved with your health care.