I recently found out that I have a small herniated disc in my lower back. It does not hurt so bad as of now but when I try to walk for exercise it hur?

Physical therapy. Would see a doctor to evaluate you for physical therapy. Proper exercise techniques can be learned from a skilled therapist and avoid continued injury to your back.
Be patient. The large majority of disc herniations can be treated without surgery. Relative rest, medications and physical therapy are the most effective nonsurgical treatment options. Avoid activities that are painful. Improvement comes quite gradually for most, often over several months.
Not to worry. If your disk is small it will likely heal without surgery. Try pt and use nsaids sparingly. If this fails after a few weeks see a neurosurgeon o discuss surgical options.
Disc Herniation. Most herniated discs heal on their own--80%. For those that are too painful or fail to improve with pt, nsaid's, 6-18 weeks time, nerve blocks, other medications, then discectomy (plucking out the ruptured fragment) is very successful. In the neck, this is often accompanied by disc replacement or fusion. In the lumbar spine, discectomy is all that is necessary.