How to control high blood pressure without drugs?

Several ways. One, try a low sodium (salt) high potassium diet. Two, make sure your are physically active. Three, make sure your weight is reasonable. This is a good place to start.

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What to if I am on drugs to control high blood pressure but I want to join gym. Is it safe?

Blood pressure. If your pressure is controlled at rest and exercise, then the gym is fine.
Depends on severity. Generally, regular aerobic exercise (along with a healthy diet) will be an important part of any high BP treatment regimen. However, you should discuss with your doctor the type of exercise you want to do. For example, if BP is very poorly controlled (i.e., very high), you should avoid high intensity static exercises like power lifting. Walking, biking or swimming would be great for you though.

Please what are the drugs to help control high blood pressure?

Too many. Anti hypertensives to list...don't forget low sodium diet, exercise & weight loss in controlling BP.
Many. There are many drugs can help control high blood pressure but the appropriate medication depends on your other medical conditions and body habits. Please consult your physician.

How to control high blood pressure without medcine?

Tender loving care. Give yourself some tlc. Eat right: whole grains, lots of fruits & veggies, drink water, limit caffeine, salt budget 1500 mg/day. Get moving 30-60 minutes a day. Get rest. Don't smoke. Balance work/play. Make friends. Smile. Congrats on making healthy changes!
Depends. Depends on how high it is, but typically BP can be lowered some with weight loss an a lower sodium, higher potassium diet. Don't smoke, and take a look at: http://www. Dashforhealth. Com/.
Several ways. Weight loss, low salt intake, regular physical activity, avoiding or moderating alcohol intake, and a dash diet all help treat high blood pressure, as can treating underlying conditions. If the blood pressure is not that high, it is worth trying these things first, but if it's really high, medicine is required.

How to control high blood pressure without medicine.

Take meds. While, low-salt & low caffeine help some, it is not all. Also, not all can reduce life stress. If you are overwt, could lose down to goal. If your family has high bp, you may fail with all these efforts. Time ticks while trying them--get BP controlled w/meds--you can always have them stopped when wt down / diet changed / life calmer (/...Pigs fly...). Don't let HTN hurt you while you try things.
Lifestyle changes. A combination diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and low-fat dairy products and low in snacks, sweets, meats, and saturated and total fat are the best foods to lower high blood pressure. Also, getting in at least 30 mins of cardiac exercise daily is extremely helpful. Limit your alcohol intake to no more than 2 drinks per day. Keep a healthy body weight/BMI. Best wishes.

How can you control high blood pressure without medication?

Yes. Lifestyle modification including increased exercise, weight loss and sodium restriction can all be helpful on controlling blood pressure. There also a specific diet called dash dietary approach stop hypertension which has been well studied.

What can I do to control high blood pressure?

Low salt diet. Exercise & weight loss...Medication if lifestyle changes are ineffective. Talk to your physician.

Could you tell me what are best ways to control high blood pressure?

Healthy life style. Eat a mediterranean diet, get plenty of exercise, do not smoke and take care of any risk factors you may have like diabetes, hypertension or gout. Avoid excess alcohol and don't use drugs, learn to control stress take any medications your doctor prescribes.

How to control high blood pressure? Plz advice some good diet and medicines?

High blood pressure. Try weight loss, low salt diet, no smoking or illicit drug use, and consult your physician about the medications.
Wt loss, low salt. BP can improve w conservative measures and dietary (weight loss /low salt/low alcohol) approaches (see dash study/diet). This is important irregardless of meds used. If conservative measures insuff, meds include thiazide diuretics, and other choices (acei/arb/beta blockers/calcium channel blockers) are used particularly if compelling other problems exist. Rule out secondary HTN @ your age.