What are the causes of pelvic pain during bowel movements?

Endometriosis+. There can be endometriosis, hemorrhoids and uterine fibroids as some of the causes of pelvic pain while defecating but not all.

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If I have been pushing because of difficult bowel movements a few times a day could it cause left side groin/pelvic pain and is this likely.

Possibly. Increase fibre and use a laxative, such as Restoralax daily until you are able to easily pass stool and see if this helps. If you have any blood in your urine or swelling of your testicles then you should be seen promptly. All the best.
Yes it can happen. Groin pain while pushing for BM can be from few reasons. Inguinal (Groin) hernia can cause pain with pushing. Also a sprain of inguinal muscle can cause the same. Keep your stools soft by eating a lot of fibers or take something like over the counter fibers. The sprain pain will go away in few days. For persistent pain or if worse with vomiting, fever then see your MD right away.

Can a left lateral wall fibroid cause cramp-like pelvic pain after urination and/or bowel movement? Or just in general?

Fibroids. Symptoms will depend on the size and location of the fibroids. Many women have few or no symptoms. The pain you have described could be related. If the pain persists in this manner, I would recommend following up with your physician for an exam, including urinalysis, and an ultrasound.

Pelvic pain left side felt while sitting and when pushing for a bowel movement hurts alot whatto do?

Constipation? Are you constipated? If so over the counter Miralax, (polyethylene glycol) Milk of Magnesia, Magnesium citrate or even an enema may be a good place to start. If this does not work then an exam by your doctor is warranted.

I am experiencing pelvic pain on the right side for 2 weeks. The pain has not changed, always a dull, ache. At times relived after a bowel movement.

You need. A "hands on" examination. The possibilities are too many to discuss and a diagnosis impossible on this platform. See your GYN or Family physician for the appropriate examination (s) Hope this is helpful Dr Z.

Having lower abdomen (left side) swelling, slight pain involved. Also sharp pelvic pain with bowel movements. Help?

Multiple causes. Your symptoms could be caused by a gyn or GI problem. At your age anything is possible and a visit to your family physician is in order asap.
Abd and pelvic pain. There are a great many possibilities. You need to be seen by your doctor for examination to determine the cause of the pain and swelling, so you can get proper treatment.
Need exam. At 23 yo, with sharp pains in the llq area including pelvic pain, you need to get an examination to asses for ovarian issues vs bowel issues, vs possibly both, etc. Good luck.
Seek Medical Help. I think you should see a medical provider in the next 24hours. You have not provided enough information to make a diagnosis, and you concerns could be something serious. Be well!

Endometriosis- sharp lower left pelvic pain after bowel movement, will also have bright red bleeding from vagina after pushing-lots of pressure?

The vagina is. Not usually related. Endometriosis near or on the bowel is common and can cause pain or even bleeding with BMs. See a doctor and get evaluated.