Hi doctors, if one has a brain tumour, will the hair and scalp be sore to the touch? Thank you

If your worried. You have, brain tumor will not produce those symptoms unless has one and getting radiation. See your doctor if you are worried will examine you if needed get you brain scan.

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For the last 10 yrs my scalp has been sore to touch and I get on and off head pains every day. (usually in top of head) could it be a brain tumour?

Benign, if it were. There are benign brain tumors and malignant brain tumors. It does not sound like that is the problem, but you should see a neurologist who will order the necessary studies just to be sure. The neurologist will diagnose your conditions and discuss with you plans for treatment. You have put up with this for too long. Please get appropriate treatment before you develop a stress-induced psych problem.
See a dermatologist. Scalp symptom is skin, not brain.