I have autioimmune disease I stay tired alot I get a burning stabbing pain in stomach I stay nauseated when I eat I get fullness in my stomach I stay tired no energy my appetite has decreased I have pains in my back pelvic area cancer runs heavily?

? Drug related. those stomach problems can very well be drug related, given that you have an autoimmune disease and possibly on some anti inflammatory medicines without an agent to protect your stomach, being tired, having pains, low energy, all can be related to your disease or depression/anxiety, other causes contribute such as thyroid problems, check with your doctor, wish you wellness.
Fibromyalgia ? 20y fem w. autoimmune c/o severe fatigue, IBS symptoms & "pelvic/back pain"; all signature symptoms of fibromyalgia, FM, whereat chronic systemic disorder &/or meds begets fatigue/inactivity/global soft tissue deconditioning which begets widespread ligamentous strain/pain which begets more inactivity & so on. Over time joint subluxations beget dysautonomia & IBS, i.e., the dynamic evolution of FM.