Can you survive with no treatment for small cell lung cancer that has moved to the brain my mom has 10 tumors?

So sorry. The prognosis is not good, but your doctors can certainly treat her symptoms, control pain, nausea, general symptoms, and palliative treatment can improve her quality of life. Talk to your oncologist regarding lifespan issues, and get some advice.
Usually not. This sounds like a difficult situation. Few patients with lung cancer that has spread to the brain will be long term survivors. Radiotherapy to the brain can be effective for small cell lung cancer, but the disease usually progresses elsewhere.
... Prolonged survival is possible, but on average life expectancy is about one year. I am very sorry to have to give you the bad news.

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I keep hearing nightmares about whrt got small cell lung cancer that can go to the brain mine already is in my brain I hav 10 tumors is whrt bad?

Serious, treatable. Someone with this problem (small cell cancer that has spread to the brain) is facing a very very difficult and serious health issue. It really needs to be discussed with ones doctor. This can be treated, but the details of the expected outcomes and things like that really need to be talked over with one's personal doctor. Every situation is a little different.
WBRT not bad! Whole brain radiation is the standard treatment for small cell lung cancer that has spread to the brain. Although there are risks to wbrt, the evidence is very clear that the bad consequences from untreated metastases are generally much much worse than effects from wbrt. In some cancer this is controversial, but not in small cell!
It is serious. Small cell lung cancer very commonly spreads to the brain. With ten lesions you definitiely need whole brain radiation. Sorry for the bad news.

How effective is proton therapy for localised stage 3A tumours in non-small cell lung cancer? When is it better than traditional radiotherapy?

Controversial therap. Proton therapy is not commonly used to treat cancer, especially not Lung Cancer. It is still considered experimental therapy and is certainly not proven to be better than standard radiotherapy except in certain limited areas of the body such as spinal tumors etc.

Can lung cancer resist treatment and move to the brain?

Unfortunately Yes. Both of the common types (non-small cell type or small cell type) very often spread into the brain. The rate of spread ranges from 20-50% depending on type and stage of cancer.
You bet! There are 100k brain metastasis per year, and lung cancer patients compose about half of them. It is a very common first site of relapse, and can have serious consequences. Preventitive brain radiotherapy is indicated in all responders in small cell, but the trial in non-sclc showed reduction in frequency of brain metastases, but no survival benefit. Thus, many insurers will not pay for it.

Does lung cancer brain metastised tumors treated with the gamma knife extend survival if the tumors shrink and show no signs after a three month perio?

A good sign. The use of gamma knife to treat brain tumor suggests the brain lesion was a small? Was it only one lesion? Siezure, headache? Decadron (dexamethasone)? It is hard to tell about overall survival. It is encouraging to know that the tumor shrank after 3 months of treatment how much shrinking? I presume that you are talking about the lung lesions. Enjoy today, count your blessings, let tomorrow worry about itself.
Yes possible. Gamma radiation along with chemotherapy will give good palliation, extend the survival and quality of life unfortunately at this stage cure is rare.
Yes. Secondary analysis of a recent rtog trial showed that radiosurgery improved survival in lung cancer patients with disease metastatic to the brain. The longer you have gone without your tumor coming back the greater the chance that it will not come back, and the better the survival chances if it does come back.