Gp prescribed buscopan for IBS and stomach cramps, but he knows I am trying to conceive. Is it safe to take?

Http://en.m.wikipedi. Buscopan, an antispasmodic, is a category c drug meaning the potential benefits to the pregnant woman outweigh the risks to the fetus.These studies were done in animals and not in humans. I believe most antispasmodics belong to class c. Discuss again with your md or with a pharmacist for any concerns. God bless u!
Buscopan. Buscopan is not recommended if you are trying to conceive. Call your physician regarding another safer option.

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I'm having problems with stomach cramps (left and right) alternate! My GP thinks it's IBS but I don't match any other symptoms. What do you think?

Likely IBS. I am assuming you have been tested for other causes and your workup has been negative. You may see a gastroenterologist if you want a second opinion. But IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), even without physical abnormalities, can cause very disabling symptoms for some people. But generally the symptoms can be managed with appropriate therapy. Hope that helps. Read more...