How many biopsys are needed to rule out alcohol cirrhosis?

One. Only one biopsy is sufficient to make a diagnosis of alcoholic cirrhosis. A biopsy with sufficient tissue is also suitable of ruling our cirrhosis.
Biopsy. Not all patients need biopsy. Talk to your GI doc. There is a special ultrasound called fiberscan that can offer significant information. The key is to stop all alcohol use. Noninvasive imaging are an option. Depending on either transcutaneous vs transjuglar route more than one pass is needed. Tj is preferred. Best of luck.

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How many liver biopsies are needed to rule out cirrhosis caused by alcohol? Does it damage the liver evenly or in patches? Is a fibroscan a good alt?

Bx and cirrhosis. Repeated liver biopsies are not necessary. Liver may be affected in heterogeneous fashion. Fibroscan is a good noninvasive test if available in your area. Blood tests can be helpful. Platelet count less than 150,000 is suggestibility cirrhosis. Fibrosure blood test or ultrasound can be helpful as well. . Read more...