How many meals a day should I eat?

Be a bear? Our ancestors likely "browsed " for food eating what thye found throughout the day consuming small amounts at any time. Multiple small meals may have great benefit for certain individuals .People are omnivores and some think we should eat like bears!

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Can you let me know how many meals a day should I eat and can you let me know how many calories should each meal be?

Depends on weight. It depends on your weight and how much weight you want to gain over how long period. You can calculate based on your basal metabolic rate plus activity colories.That is total calories you need to maintain your weight as it is.You need to consume 3500 cals extra over and above your daily requirement to gain 1lb in weight. Bnr 4.35xwt/lbs+4.7xht/inch -4.7xage/yrs little/no exer BMR x1.2 mod bmrx1.5. Read more...