Is an EKG and Doppler ultrasound enogh to exclude a heart attack when having all classical symptoms (short of breath, tightness in chest, dizziness)?

Symptoms. normal ecg and echo are good evidence that an MI is not in progress but the diagnosis is made with a spectrum of symptoms and data and in some phases of an event can still be 'normal' before the eventual changes evolve.

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Climbing hill symptoms:shortness of breath heart heaviness sweating. Admitted to hospital ekg, stress test, no heart attack. Angiogram no blockage? Could it be related to gerd? Treatment type of dr.

More info needed.... Are you overweight? Do you exercise regularly? Do you ever exert yourself strenuously? You've listed symptoms associated with someone being out of shape exerting themselves... Thankfully you didn't have a coronary. Time to make a plan with your physician to take care of yourself by loosing weight (if necessary), eating right, and starting a cardiovascular workout routine. All the best. Read more...