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If I had meningitis would I know after 8 days? I have had stiff neck, mild headache, eye pain. I can touch chin to chest no problem. Always hungry. No fever

Meningitis. Are you taking any tetracycline type antibiotics or high doses of vitamin a? You may have a condition that mimics meningitis, namely psedotumor cerebri. Consult your doctor for a definitive diagnosis.
Unlikely. Usually the pain of touching your chin to your chest is very intense with meningitis. However, if you are concerned, you should see a doctor to know for sure.

Son has stiff neck but no fever. Has complained of headache here and there. Has dr. Appt tom. How likely is meningitis or something serious?

Prob not meningitis. It is a good idea to have him checked out. It is not common that meningitis occurs without a fever. Was there an injury to his neck? Do certain movements aggravate it? Does he show any other symptoms of an illness? If no, he should be ok.
Meningitis. Viral meningitis is a remote possibility, but if this were bacterial your son would likely be critically ill. If he has fever, persistent headache, nausea, vomiting, alterations in sensorium or level of consciousness, etc., he should be seen ASAP. Take him to an ER if necessary.
Not Likely. The symptoms of meningitis include: sudden high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, vomiting or nausea with headache, confusion or difficulty concentrating, seizures sleepiness or difficulty waking up, sensitivity to light lack of interest in drinking and eating, skin rash. The symptoms you describe do not suggest meningitis, but when in doubt, always get evaluated in the ER.

Is it normal to have a stiff neck with a cold? Or do I have meningitis? I can touch my chest with my chin. I have no fever or headache

Meningitis. From what you describe, meninigitis is very unlikely. This is usually accompanied by headache, fever, photo and phonophobia, nausea and vomiting, neck stiffness as determined by a trained observer, alterations in sensorium and neurological function and other signs and symptoms. Since cannot diagnose over the internet if you remain concerned please go and see a doctor.
Meningitis. With no fever or headache and being able to touch you chin to your chest you do not have meningitis.

Could a stiff neck and no fever be a sign for meningitis?

Possibly. Sometimes fever is hard to feel or detect, and sometimes it is suppressed by medications. However, you should note that stiff neck is a loose term when used by laypeople. When used by doctors, it means inability to flex your neck and touch your chest with the chin.

Is it possible that a stiff neck and no fever be symptoms of meningitis?

Stiff neck. Yes, but unfortunately, like a headache could be a brain tumor, but rarely is. Isolated neck stiffness without a setting of exposure would be unusual as an isolated sign of meningitis, but if progressive and associated with other symptoms shouldn't be discounted too easily.

Hi Doc. I suspect that I have meningitis because of the symptoms. But I have no fever and my wbc falls within normal range. Does that rule out meningitis? I feel the symptoms for long time now. Head ache, face numb cheek, stiff neck, numb arms. But I

Cant be for so long. Meningitis is not without fever unless it is part of an auto-immune syndrome. With no fever and with normal white count this is not acute meningitis. This may be an auto-immune condition. You need to see a doctor and have lab work done.