Had fusion l4, l5, s1. How much ROM would be lost with an l3 fusion?

A little more. adding to the prior fusion with another level will loose a little more motion. There are some less rigid techniques that might be worth investigating. You are welcome to consult with me either virtually or at my office.

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I have had L4/L5 fusion 2 years ago. Now there are signs of severe damage to L3/L4 and L5/S1. What can I do to slow this damage down?

Comments. There was a study demonstrating progressive arthritic deterioration above and below the site of fusion, and this seems to be your issue. Would definitely contact an expert spine surgeon but also get involved in aggressive rehabilitation program under supervision of expert physical therapy clinic. A physiatrist is also recommended. Read more...

I have arthropathy at l2-3, l3-4, l4-5 and L5 -s1 im on pain all the time what is arthropathy

Arthritic joint. Arthropathy describes an arthritic joint. Based upon your description, you likely have a radiology report that is describing your facet (or zygopophyseal) joints. These are the joints in the back of the spine (behind the disc and spinal canal). There are two at each spinal level. Read more...