I have been having numbness in my right foot middle toe and the top of my left hand middle finger and index just the top is numb, why?

Varies. The two are probably not related. Tarsal tunnel in the foot and carpal tunnel syndrome in the hand are among the two more common causes although many possibilities. Don't hesitate to be seen for an accurate diagnosis.
Maybe pressure. Chances the 2 are not related. They may be pressure related. Check your hand out for carpal tunnel syndrome. All the best.

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Have been experiencing severe numbness in my hands (mainly left hand from middle finger to thumb) and, recently noticed my big toe on the left foot doing the same. The only other symptom is spells of blurry vision. What could be the reason for this?

Let doctor decide. Your blurry vision may be a separate issue! It could be totally separate from your other symptoms; you should see a doctor for medical examination and advice. The hand may be carpal tunnel syndrome or manifestation of more systemic disease.
Nerve dysfunction. Extremity (hand and foot) nerve complaints are usually one-sided when discussing entrapment neuropathic symptoms. Blurry vision is consistent with upper central nervous system issues (optic nerve). You should see a neurologist for a primary evaluation to differentiate the two symptoms to make sure that they are not related, which they are not.

Intermittent tingling began in left hand, now in right foot too. Normal strength, function, not numb. Doctors say stress. What can it be?

See a neurologist. Your symptom point to a distal neuropathy. This need sto be confirmed or ruled out after a neurological evaluation with or without additional testing.

My right foot and occasionally the fingers in my right hand get semi-numb (pins and needles) when I lay down at night. Circulation or nerve injury?

Possibly. But.... Circulatory and nerve issues are certainly two possibilities, however, more information is need to isolate the cause or causes of your symptoms. It is probably best to begin with a thorough evaluation, beginning with a history and physical, and a systems review directed at your symptoms. A competent family or general practicioner is a great place to start.

Numb in bottom 3 fingers left hand up to elbow. Thumb index finger numb rt hand. Both feet have no reflexesblood work and mri normal what test is next?

NCV/EMG. Usually an NCV/EMG is done. It is not a structural test like an MRI, but rather checks the nerves themselves. It can help distinguish between a problem coming from the spine, the arms themselves (such as carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes), or more of a neurological condition such as in a neuropathy.

What does occasional twitching in the toes (right foot) and fingers (left hand) indicate?

Toes/ finger twictch. Needs to check ionized calcium as it may symptoms of hypocalcemia, or may be part of involuntary movements disorders, needs work up and watch if you have twitices of lips, or eye lid.
Twitching toes. There is no definitive explanation for your symptoms but it could be a variant of restless leg syndrome. Other causes include electrolyte imbalances or endocrine abnormalities, drug withdrawal, muscle fatigue, denervation injuries, etc. You should be examined by your primary care physician for a history, physical and appropriate laboratory evaluation and referred to specialists if necessary.