6 short SVT type episode in last 7 months. Normal resting ecg and echo. Cardiologist said no treatment if episodes are infrequent and short. Agree?

Do not agree. More than four episodes of SVT in a year is poor control. Are you certain this is SVT and not Atrial fibrillation or something else? There are many options for effective cure both medical and interventional. I would seek the advice of an electrophysiologist for your management.

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Short svt episodes once a month. Dont affect my life in anyway. Normal ecg and echo. Cardiologist said no treatment if I dont want. So can I go no med?

SVT. You report having seen a cardiologist with the opportunity to have a history, physical and lab evaluations and were told you don't have to have treatment. Why do you think folks out in the zephyr world who haven't seen you and your data could give a better opinion? Given what you presented, sounds like you can do fine with no meds. Read more...