CT showed mild cardiomegaly and Atherosclerotic vascular calcification but echocardiogram showed no issues. Should I consult a cardiologist?

Symptoms? Are you having symptoms? If yes then it would be worthwhile to obtain a cardiac evaluation. If you are not having chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations or exertional restriction, your primary health care provider can most likely manage your issues. Sounds like you would benefit from life style modification to reduce cholesterol and lipids and monitor blood pressure. Stop smoking if you do.

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Should be concerned about Atherosclerotic vascular calcification and Mild cardiomegaly in a scan?

Yes. These are worrisome conditions in a 28 year old. Some calcification is to be expected because we are Americans and eat too much dairy but cardiomegaly is not expected. I would suggest you establish with a health care professional for a thorough evaluation. Read more...

Is Atherosclerotic vascular calcification found on a CT scan dangerous? Is there way to reserve it with lifestyle changes or with medication?

The findings on. his CT scan are best discussed with you by his ordering physician. We neither know the complete clinical picture that resulted in this CT scan or the actual findings for the "calcification" as you described it. Read more...