My wbc is always high ranging from 13-26 And I've been told several times within the last 8 years that I have epstein barr virus what does this mean?

Need more infrmation. The key is which cells are high, whether they all look normal, and especially how you FEEL. Some people lack molecules that keep white cells hunkered down on the vessels walls, so more of them circulate even though you're basically fine. A majority of folks have antibodies against Epstein-Barr from meeting it as kids or having infectious mono. I suspect it means nothing. What does your doctor say?
Separate issues? Over 90% of people have EBV by age 25, and it persists with positive blood tests for life. Sometimes it flares up to cause disease, sometimes complicating other illnesses (e.g. cancer, HIV). It doesn't usually cause high WBC, so that may be unrelated to EBV. However, such a high WBC could be serious, so stay on top of it. Consider an infectious disease specialist, hematologist, or both. Good luck!