I am responding to your HealthTap comment concerning children's Benadryl. My 16 month old, 30 pound, non-obese grandson died this past January and the medical examiner's says it was from Benadryl intoxication. The level of Benadryl at death was 710 ng/m

? notice or question? A local day care operator was recently sent to prison after the death of one of her infants was confirmed as caused by benedryl toxicity. A dozen or more others showed trace evidence of the drug in their hair in infants never given the drug. This is a good drug ant any age when used at proper dose for proper indications. I hope this was thoroughly investigated in your case. Sad but a real problem.
Need more info. It is not clear what you are asking or saying here, as there is no question asked. I am very sorry for the loss of your grandson.