Iam 65 years old abnormal ecg Normal sinus rhythm Possible inferior infarction, age undetermined ST& T wave abnormality, consider lateral ischemia?

Automated ECG. The automated ECG interpretation that appears on a 12 lead ECG printout must always be viewed with a grain (or two) of salt. The best person to evaluate your ECG is your doctor. Period. The machine is famous for misinterpretation. Go see your doctor. Have a history and physical done. Then have him/her look at your ECG. .
Is there a question. here?? Sounds like you should know something about EKG's which I learned as an INTERN at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston from Dr Joseph Reisman a prominent ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHER....and Cardiologist. The ELG is just a bunch of SQUIGGLES on a piece of graph paper and is by ITSELF MEANINGLESS without the CLINICAL SITUATION of the patient!!!! Sounds like you need to speak with your Cardiologist ASAP !