Can a father half Asian with brown eyes and black hair & mother with brown eyes and brown hair have blonde hair blue eyed child?

No. Only if there are blue eyes in the family. It is a recessive gene. All the best.
Yes. Blue and blonde are recessive traits. There is 1 in 4 chance for either trait in the child if each parent has that gene. To have both recessive traits is 1 in 16. A heterogygote person with a brown gene and a blonde gene will be brown. American descendents of slaves have occasional blue eyes to remind them that their ancestors once had slave-owning fathers.

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I'm mixed Asian and white and is brown eyes black hair. My husband is blue eyes blonde hair. My daughter got blonde blue eyes how did she get blue eyes?

Blue eyes are.. .A recessive trait. In order for a child to have blue eyes, both parents need to carry the gene for blue eyes, which they might even if their eyes are not blue. Since your daughter has blue eyes, both her parents have the blue eye gene.
Mixed genes. You have a recessive blond hair/blue eye gene from your mom and a dominant black hair/brown eye gene from your dad. Your husband has a recessive blond hair/blue eye gene from both of his parents. You both passed your recessive blond hair/blue eye gene to your daughter, and so that explains the appearance of all of you.