When I pee my lower area hurts?

Genital infection? Hmm... I'm not sure what you mean by "lower area", but I'm wondering if you have "external dysuria", i.e. pain when urine contacts labia, vaginal opening, etc. "Internal dysuria", i.e. in the urine passage, usually is due to urinary tract infection, but external is often due to other genital infections, like yeast, herpes, and other STDs. See a doctor ASAP to check it out. Good luck!
Lower and pain. could be an infection of bladder. Could be an irritation of the meatis or of the vulva. Use a mirror to examine yourself. If you have an external irritation sit in a tub of clean water, no bubble bath! If there is no sign of external irritation you may well have an internal infection. Drink lots of water. 85% cure in 3 days. Otherwise need antibiotic.