Dermatology consult, said there was absolutely nothing they can do for white fibrotic acne scars I have. Is he right?

Explore your options. It is difficult to comment definitively without looking at the skin. There could be procedures like subcision or fillers that could be appropriate. Additionally, you can undergo fractional ablative laser treatment. I would NOT give up and I would respectfully disagree with anyone who said that you just need to live with the scars.
He is right. Sorry. There's more to do for the depressed craters. I'm really sorry you acne wasn't treated as it could have been, and I hope that if you still have it, you are managing it. However, you can make a conscious decision that the scars mark you as a "tough guy" / "super high testosterone". Charlie Sheen, Jet Li, and (supposedly) Brad Pitt chose to keep theirs for this reason.