Since 2013 urine cultures show group b strep 50000-100000. Delivered 2 babies gbs+ for both. Is this somethig that will always show in my urine? Harm?

Maybe/not. GBS is an incidental finding in the poop of everyone. Because of the structure of the genitals it is a common contaminant of the female genital tract. As many as a 3rd of women carry it off & on at any given time. Other that a risk for vulnerable newborns and the occasional UTI it is considered benign. Oral meds will not eradicate it, which is why they are given IV during labor.
Please treat. The fact that you had 2 infants with GBS means your next infant is a some risk as well. Your physician should give you antibiotics to eradicate this organism from the urine. You may be a carrier for GBS and may not be able to remove it totally from your body. Please tell the Pediatrician/Neonatologist about your history so they can screen the infant. Your Dr should give you antibiotics during labor.